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What Clients Say

Best HVAC in town.
Paul did a great job of identifying our needs and explaining the various options to us. Lee’s install was first rate with great communication all the way through. I especially liked that he always called ahead to let us know when he was on his way and could be expected to arrive.
We moved to Gordon Head 4 years ago and the heat pump in our new home was not working as it should. We had Envirotemp replace it with a new one and were extremely happy with the service we received. They were on time, very courteous and helpful in answering any questions we had. We have not hesitated to recommend Envirotemp Refrigeration to our friends and will continue to do so.
I needed to improve the energy efficiency for heating my new home.  I expected energy efficiency had been taken into account when it was built but it definitely wasn’t….so I had to do my own homework.  I had a few local companies look the situation over & tell me what they thought.  Envirotemp was by far the most innovative to maximize energy efficiency.  I was very impressed with the detailed design that even incorporated heating my domestic water with a heat pump.  Paul also recommended an energy audit so I could take advantage of the Gov’t grants which saved me a few thousand dollars.  My system was more complex than average & Paul was the only one who really took the time to figure out the best thing to do.  The other companies were either not interested or not capable of doing what was the overall best long term solution.  This year my house is significantly warmer than the same time last year, hydro rates have gone up, but my hydro bill has gone down by 35%.  There is the proof.  A very sincere thanks Paul!!

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