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Florida Heat Pumps

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We service all equipment makes and carry the complete line of York, Daikin, Tempstar, Florida Heat Pumps and Fijitsu heating and cooling products for your home. These heat pumps and furnaces are backed by the best warranties in the industry.

You can have confidence in our trained and certified staff. They have the experience, knowledge and the proper tools to meet all your needs.

Envirotemp offers a wide range of heating and cooling systems, such as gas or electric furnaces, central heat pumps and wall mounted heat pumps.

Wall mounted ductless heat pumps, regular or multi-zone systems, and central heat pumps are increasingly popular, both for cooling and for heating your home.

Example of multi-zone systems

Heat Pump Desuperheater Add-on

We also carry the Enviro-Pak Heat Recovery Unit that generates free hot water by capturing the wasted heat from a central air conditioning or heat pump system.

Click on this link to see Daikin’s home heating solution on Youtube.