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Florida Heat Pumps

Energy Star

Two factors to consider in thermostats and controls are efficiency and comfort.

Efficiency — Smooth running, well-coordinated equipment is crucial to HVAC efficiency. Our programmable thermostats and HVAC controls make it easy to coordinate your equipment on a convenient energy-saving schedule.

Comfort — The ability to set and maintain your home comfort system at a consistent temperature keeps you comfortable and cuts your energy bills.

Residential Communicating Control

Higher Intelligence — Revolutionary Residential Communicating Control reaches out and "talks" to every enabled device to ensure all are working together at maximum efficiency.

Feeling Friendly — Inspired by the slick usability of today’s smartphones, this stylish Communicating Control provides a high-definition, multilingual tool for year-round comfort.

York® LX Thermostat

Digital Precision — Get precise temperature control with easy-to-see backlit digital display.

Conserve Energy — It's easy to program times to reset temperature levels while you're away.


We also carry the complete line from Honeywell thermostats and controls.

Thermostats & Controls